The LINDAT/CLARIN Centre for Language Research Infrastructure provides technical background and assistance to institutions or researchers who wants to share, create and modernise their tools and data used for research in linguistics or related research fields. The project also provides an open digital repository and archive open to all academics who want their work to be preserved, promoted and made widely available.

LINDAT/CLARIN is funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.


Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University in Prague

The Institute is a primarily research department working on many topics in the area of Computational Linguistics, and on many research projects both nationally and internationally.

Department of cybernetics, University of West Bohemia

The aim of their research activity is the building and development of systems theory and its application in the area of objectively and subjectively uncertain systems as well as in the planning of information and control systems. The basic activity of artificial intelligence is the research into sophisticated computer algorithms and methods of intelligent machine decision-making and classification. The reseach is mostly focused on the area of man-machine voice communication in natural language - automatic speech recognition (ASR).

Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

A scientific institution conducting research on most different aspects of the Czech language – synchronic and diachronic, literary and colloquial, spoken and written. The efforts of the Institute result both in production of basic compendia on Czech aimed at the general public (handbooks on rules of Czech orthography, dictionaries and popular literature), and in specialized publications (books or articles); a large amount of information about Czech can be retrieved also on its web-pages.

Natural Language Processing Centre, Masaryk University

The Natural Language Processing Centre is devoted to acquiring theoretical and applied results in the field of natural language processing. It's work focuses primarly on corpus linguistics, lexical databases, knowledge representation, representing the meaning of natural language expressions and using machine learning methods to disambiguate corpus data.



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