Parsito is a fast open-source dependency parser written in C++. Parsito is based on greedy transition-based parsing, it has very high accuracy and achieves a throughput of 30K words per second. Parsito can be trained on any input data without feature engineering, because it utilizes artificial neural network classifier. Trained models for all treebanks from Universal Dependencies project are available (37 treebanks as of Dec 2015).

Parsito is a free software under Mozilla Public License 2.0 and the linguistic models are free for non-commercial use and distributed under CC BY-NC-SA license, although for some models the original data used to create the model may impose additional licensing conditions. Parsito is versioned using Semantic Versioning.

Copyright 2015 by Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

Description of the available methods is available in the API Documentation and the models are described in the Parsito User's Manual.


The service is freely available for testing. Respect the CC BY-NC-SA licence of the models – explicit written permission of the authors is required for any commercial exploitation of the system. If you use the service, you agree that data obtained by us during such use can be used for further improvements of the systems at UFAL. All comments and reactions are welcome.

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