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Center for Visual History

Centre provides access to the extensive video testimony and interview archives to researchers, educators, students and wide public. Almost 56,000 testimonies, 5,000 interviews.

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Munich Agreement

News materials

A collection of 35 news shots that focus on political and social events taking place in Czechoslovakia between September and October 1938 before and after the Munich Agreement.

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Czech Lands

Bibliography of the History

Essential source of information for historical sciences and related fields. Provides summary of all available production including extensive regional literature.


Bohemical Sources

The MEMORI portal is a collection of Bohemical sources with the chief purpose to support research into the classical, medieval and early modern period.

Arne Novák

Digital Library

The work of prof. Arne Novák, literary historian and critic. The library contains digitized materials from the collection of the Central Library of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University.

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Digital Library


National Digital Library contains full texts of digitized documents of Bohemian production of the 19th - 21st century. It also provides access to publications from 1801 to the present.

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National aggregator

Czech Digital Library enables searching documents in digital libraries operated in the Czech Republic. Thousands of digitized documents, all in one place.


Parliamentary data

Czech parliamentary data compiled into a corpus enriched with linguistic annotation,  available for download and searchable in user-friendly tools. Texts and audio. Version 3.0 available.

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Parliamentary data

Multilingual set of comparable corpora containing parliamentary debates from the COVID-19 period (after November 1st 2019) and before that date (mostly starting in 2015) . Version 2.1 available.

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