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LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ is a Czech centre for data
providing certified storage and natural language processing services

Clarin Centre B Open Access



of the History of the Czech Lands

Essential source of information for historical sciences and related fields. Provides summary of all available production including extensive regional literature.


Collection of Bohemical Sources

The MEMORI portal is a collection of Bohemical sources with the chief purpose to support research into the classical, medieval and early modern period.

Tools for Natural Language Processing

Enrich your texts
Make them more searchable

Education broaden your knowledge

  • Repositories

    • LINDAT repository (slides, video, Czech)
    • LINDAT repository FAQ (html, English, Czech)
    • Technical aspects of LINDAT repository (slides, video, Czech)
  • Data sources

    • Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands
      (slidesvideo, Czech)
  • Tools

  • Libraries

    • Czech digital library (slides, video, Czech)
    • National library and its digital library (slides , video, Czech)
  • Legal aspects

  • Courses

    • Gentle intro to machine learning (slides ,  Czech)
    • TEI Encoding (slides, video I, II, III, English)
  • Best practices

  • Sharing experience

    • Humanities researchers and digital data (video, Czech)
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