Welcome to the demonstration of the Česílko project which has been developed on the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics.

The system Česílko was designed as a tool enabling the fast and efficient translation from one source language into many target languages, which are mutually related. The system receives as its input a high quality human translation of the original into Czech (from any language). It translates the Czech input into a number of languages related to Czech. The system contains at the moment 5 language pairs, 4 of them only as experiments, namely Czech into Polish, Lithuanian, Macedonian and Lower Sorbian. Unfortunately, the system cannot be tested on arbitrary texts for these language pairs due to a small size of all dictionaries. The only working language pair (and at the same time also exploitable outside of the above mentioned setup) is the fifth one, Czech to Slovak. Similarly to other MT systems, Česílko requires human post-editing. The system is being developed since 1998.

The demo is freely available for testing. An explicit written permission of the authors is required for any commercial exploitation of the system. If you run the demo, you agree that data obtained during testing can be used for further improvements of the systems at UFAL. All comments and reactions are welcome.

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Czech Input (CZ)

Slovak Output (SK)