ParlaMint 4.0

This is an interactive version of the ParlaMint corpus, release 4.0  (http://hdl.handle.net/11356/1860). The interface presents each parliamentary corpus as a separate unit. So you first have to choose a subcorpus from the left hand menu, which will bring you to the description for that corpus. The description lists the main characteristics of the corpus such as the source of the data, the people responsible for the creation of the corpus, and a description of the way the corpus was compiled. It allows you to search or browse through the transcripts of each parliamentary sitting, or navigate a database of the people and organizations in the corpus. 

Each transcript is provided in a number of different visualizations. The default visualization highlights the names of people, organizations, places, and other names in the text. It not only shows the transcription of the speeches themselves, but also the notes in the transcript. Above each speech it displays information about the speaker.