License Agreement

for Czech National Corpus Data

The Proprietor:
Institute of the Czech National Corpus
Faculty of Arts
Charles University
Nám. Jana Palacha 2
CZ–116 38 Praha 1
Czech Republic

The User:
Name ________________________
Email (official)_____________
Czech National Corpus Data (hereafter CNCD) is a collection of data which includes annotated text and/or audio recordings developed at the Proprietor as downloaded from the LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ repository. The CNCD is based on a language corpus specified as a part of the title of the particular LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ repository item (hereafter Particular Corpus). The User is an academic, educational or research institution, or other organization, or an individual wishing to make use of CNCD for research and/or education purposes.

It is hereby agreed as follows:
  1. This agreement is made on the date when signed by both parties and effective immediately.

  2. The User is granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, modify, enlarge or enrich the CNCD to extract information directly or indirectly in any form and volume, provided that the CNCD itself or any derivative work is used only by the User themselves or their immediate collaborators, employees, managers and/or their students from the same Institution for research purposes only, and provided they are continuously observing all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

  3. The User shall not use the CNCD itself or any derivative work (including but not limited to statistics obtained by using it or any derivative work thereof) based on it (however small the contribution of CNCD to such derivative work is) in whatever form for commercial purposes of any kind.

  4. In all publications or publicly available materials, regardless of their form (printed, electronic, or other), describing work which uses the CNCD, the User shall include a notice mentioning the fact that CNCD is based on the Particular Corpus, developed at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus and available from In the case of electronic publications on the Internet, the reference to the aforementioned web page should be included as a web link. In the case of printed materials, such as papers, journal articles etc., a given publication should be cited in the list of references. The citing information is located at the bottom of the web page describing the Particular Corpus that is linked from

  5. The User agrees not to re-distribute or otherwise make publicly available the CNCD, or any derivative work based on it as described in paragraph 3, to a third party without a prior written permission of the Proprietor.

  6. The User undertakes to adopt any security measures needed to protect the Proprietor's copyright in CNCD and undertakes to take all reasonable steps to ensure that no unauthorized use is made of CNCD and of any copies, derivative works or extracts thereof.

  7. Any usage of CNCD which does not conform to the specification set forth in this Agreement is subject to separate negotiations and a written contract between the User and the Proprietor and/or other parties. The Proprietor is in general not obliged to enter and/or conclude such negotiations.

  8. The CNCD is provided as is. Therefore the Proprietor does not warrant the usefulness of CNCD for any purpose.

  9. Should the User by themselves or anyone acting on their behalf fail to comply with any of the conditions in this agreement, this agreement shall terminate immediately and CNCD, its copies and derivative works based on it shall be destroyed at the User's site and at all sites under their control. Such termination shall be without prejudice to any claim which the Proprietor may have either for monies due and/or damages and/or otherwise.

  10. This agreement terminates if (a) the User destroys all copies of CNCD or any derivative work thereof, (b) the User or their Institution ceases to exist, unless all their obligations are transferred to a new entity, which is then considered to be bound by this Agreement. The User or their successor shall inform the Proprietor about any such transfer or succession; failure to do so will terminate this Agreement after one month after such transfer or succession. (c) the Proprietor ceases to exist without a legal successor.

  11. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic and all disputes concerning this agreement will be resolved by its jurisdiction.