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dc.description Segment from Czechoslovak Aktualita Sound Newsreel 1943, issue no. 24, depicts a memorial act in V Holešovičkách, the Prague street that was the scene of the assassination of Acting Reich Protector Heydrich. The event was held to commemorate the first anniversary of the assassination in June 1943. Footage from a ceremonial meeting held on 4 June 1943 in the Prague City Council´ reception hall in the Municipal Library building. Deputy Mayor of Prague, J. Pfitzner, presents historian Josef Kliment with the City of Prague Foundation´s Heydrich Memorial Award for spreading the ideas of the Reich. The event is attended by Prime Minister of the Protectorate Government J. Krejčí and Minister of Education and People´s Enlightenment E. Moravec. Illustrative footage from a workers´ holiday organized by the Heydrich Foundation for Workers´ Recuperation, where the Protector´s legacy is being commemorated. The speech is followed by holidaymakers performing the Nazi salute. A ceremony to honour Heydrich is held in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle. Acting Reich Protector K. Daluege enters the hall with Heydrich´s widow Lina and her children. The event is attended by K. H. Frank, E. Hácha, J. Krejčí, E. Moravec and workers´ and peasants´ representatives. The German Philharmonic performs Ludwig van Beethoven´s symphonic work Coriolanus. The piece is followed by a speech by Daluege, which he symbolically concludes with "a greeting to my friend" Heydrich (authentic sound).
dc.language.iso ces
dc.publisher Národní filmový archiv
dc.rights Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
dc.subject tryzna Heydrich Reinhard
dc.subject věnec smuteční kladení
dc.subject pomník Heydrich Reinhard prozatímní
dc.subject busta Heydrich Reinhard
dc.subject vojáci SS nastoupení
dc.subject vojáci SS jako čestná stráž
dc.subject stráž čestná u pomníku
dc.subject sál slavnostně vyzdobený
dc.subject cena Nadace na paměť R. Heydricha
dc.subject hajlování
dc.subject orlice říšskoněmecká
dc.subject vlajky s hákovým křížem
dc.subject busta Hitler Adolf
dc.subject hosté na slavnosti
dc.subject akce zotavovací Heydrich Reinhard
dc.subject rekreanti hajlující
dc.subject projev veřejný
dc.subject vlajky SS
dc.subject orchestr symfonický
dc.subject dirigent orchestru symfonického
dc.subject orchestr Německý filharmonický orchestr
dc.subject Heydrichiáda
dc.subject Places::Praha::Kobylisy::V Holešovičkách
dc.subject Places::Praha::Staré Město::Mariánské náměstí::Městská knihovna::recepční síň /int
dc.subject Places::Praha::Hradčany::Pražský hrad::Španělský sál
dc.subject Český zvukový týdeník Aktualita::1943/24
dc.title First Anniversary of Reinhard Heydrich's Assassination
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