Show simple item record Čermák, František Hlaváčová, Jaroslava Hnátková, Milena Jelínek, Tomáš Kocek, Jan Kopřivová, Marie Křen, Michal Novotná, Renata Petkevič, Vladimír Schmiedtová, Věra Skoumalová, Hana Spoustová, Johanka Šulc, Michal Velíšek, Zdeněk 2013-12-13T15:01:52Z 2013-12-13T15:01:52Z 2005
dc.description Balanced corpus of contemporary written Czech sized 100 MW. It was created as a representation of written language from 2000–2004 and thus it contains a wide range of text types and genres (fiction, professional literature, newspapers etc.) in balanced proportions. The corpus is lemmatized and morphologically tagged by a combination of stochastic and rule-based methods. The corpus is provided in a (semi-XML) vertical format used as an input to the Manatee query engine. The data thus correspond to the corpus available via query interface to registered users of the CNC with one important exception: they are shuffled, i.e. divided into blocks sized max. 100 words (respecting the sentence boundaries) whose ordering was randomized within the given document.
dc.description.sponsorship MSM0021620823 – Český národní korpus a korpusy dalších jazyků
dc.language.iso ces
dc.publisher Faculty of Arts, Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Charles University in Prague
dc.rights Czech National Corpus (Shuffled Corpus Data)
dc.subject balanced corpus
dc.subject written language
dc.title SYN2005: balanced corpus of written Czech
dc.type corpus
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContactInfo#PersonInfo.surname Křen
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContactInfo#PersonInfo.givenName Michal
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContactInfo#PersonInfo#OrganizationInfo.organizationName Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Institute of the Czech National Corpus
metashare.ResourceInfo#DistributionInfo.availability restrictedUse
metashare.ResourceInfo#DistributionInfo#LicenseInfo.restrictionsOfUse academic-nonCommercialUse
metashare.ResourceInfo#DistributionInfo#LicenseInfo.restrictionsOfUse attribution
metashare.ResourceInfo#DistributionInfo#LicenseInfo.restrictionsOfUse noRedistribution
metashare.ResourceInfo#DistributionInfo#LicenseInfo.distributionAccessMedium downloadable
metashare.ResourceInfo#ValidationInfo.validated True
metashare.ResourceInfo#ResourceCreationInfo#FundingInfo#ProjectInfo.fundingType nationalFunds
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContentInfo.mediaType text
metashare.ResourceInfo#TextInfo#SizeInfo.size 100000000
metashare.ResourceInfo#TextInfo#SizeInfo.sizeUnit words
dc.rights.label ACA
has.files yes
sponsor Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy České republiky MSM 0021620823 Český národní korpus a korpusy dalších jazyků nationalFunds 100000000 words
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