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dc.description Personal correspondence from England between the years 1418-1680. Compiled as a tool for historical sociolinguistics.
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dc.publisher University of Helsinki
dc.title Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS)
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additional.metadata usage report required:1 Nid:1181 Readily Available (field_resource_available):Yes Size (field_size):450,000 words Publications (field_publications):Nevalainen, T. & H. Raumolin-Brunberg (eds.) (1996). Sociolinguistics and language history. Studies based on The Corpus of Early English Correspondence. (Language and Computers 15.) Amsterdam & Atlanta: Rodopi., Nurmi, Arja (ed.) (1998) Manual for the Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler CEECS. Department of English. University of Helsinki. Available at <>.
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