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dc.description An annotated corpus of literary Ancient Greek sourced from the Perseus Canonical Greek Lit repository (, “The Little Sailing” digital library (, and the Bibliotheca Augustana digital library ( The corpus consists of 820 texts spanning between the beginnings of the AG literary tradition (Homer) and the fifth century AD, and it counts 10,206,421 words. In addition to referring to this resource, please use the following citation when citing the corpus: Vatri, A., & McGillivray, B. (2018). The Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus, Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(1), 55-65. doi:
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dc.title The Diorisis Ancient Greek Corpus
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contact.person Barbara McGillivray King's College London
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sponsor The Alan Turing Institute Seed funding grant SF042 Computational models of meaning change in Ancient Greek nationalFunds 10000000 tokens 820 texts
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