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dc.description SLäNDa, the Swedish literature corpus of narrative and dialogue, is a corpus made up of eight Swedish literary novels from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, manually annotated mainly for different aspects of dialogue. The full annotation also contains other cited materials, like thoughts, signs and letters. The main motivation for including these categories as well, is to be able to identify the main narrative, which is all remaining unannotated text.
dc.language.iso swe
dc.publisher Uppsala University
dc.rights Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
dc.subject literature
dc.subject literary fiction
dc.subject dialogue
dc.subject narrative
dc.subject cited materials
dc.title SLäNDa
dc.type corpus
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dc.rights.label PUB
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contact.person Sara Stymne Uppsala University
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SLäNDA v1.0 corpus
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  • slanda-1.0
    • README5 kB
    • train
      • ben8.tsv238 kB
      • sod5.tsv38 kB
      • ber8.tsv185 kB
      • lag12.tsv81 kB
      • san5.tsv535 kB
      • boy15.tsv142 kB
      • ben12.tsv477 kB
      • sod8.tsv36 kB
      • sod20.tsv104 kB
      • ber20.tsv32 kB
      • str13.tsv204 kB
      • boy18.tsv180 kB
      • ben15.tsv326 kB
      • ben3.tsv183 kB
      • sod23.tsv77 kB
      • ber23.tsv87 kB
      • boy14.tsv113 kB
      • ben6.tsv738 kB
      • sod26.tsv39 kB
      • ber26.tsv130 kB
      • ben14.tsv294 kB
      • sod14.tsv15 kB
      • ben2.tsv174 kB
      • ber14.tsv170 kB
      • ber2.tsv118 kB
      • ben9.tsv292 kB
      • lag6.tsv408 kB
      • sod29.tsv54 kB
      • ber29.tsv74 kB
      • sod17.tsv13 kB
      • ben5.tsv429 kB
      • lag2.tsv141 kB
      • ber17.tsv119 kB
      • sod2.tsv67 kB
      • ber5.tsv96 kB
      • lev8.tsv99 kB
    • test
      • lag11.tsv175 kB
      • ben11.tsv321 kB
      • ber11.tsv254 kB
      • sod11.tsv14 kB
      • san2.tsv256 kB
      • lev11.tsv80 kB
      • boy11.tsv168 kB
      • str11.tsv174 kB

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