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dc.description The database contains about 5 Million dialectal linguistic evidences collected in differend projects within the Free State of Bavaria to the dialects Bavarian, Frankish, and Swabian. In 1984, linguists at the University of Augsburg began to collect dialect data for the research and documentation project "Linguistic Map of Swabia" (German: "Sprachatlas von Bayerisch-Schwaben (SBS)"). In 1986, the University of Bayreuth followed with preparations for the "Linguistic Map of North- and East-Bavaria" (German: "Sprachatlas von Nordostbayern (SNOB)"). In the following years, partner projects of the other regions also started to collect data in their particular region. All six language projects then formed the "Research Association of the Bavarian Linguistic Map " (German: Bayerischer Sprachatlas (BSA)"), which was funded by the DFG and the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. The first digital publication of BayDat by Ralf Zimmermann in 2007 at the University of Würzburg (see linked paper) was re-designed in 2019 by Manuel Raaf at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. For detailed information, please see
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dc.publisher Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
dc.subject Bavarian
dc.subject Swabian
dc.subject Germanistik
dc.subject Dialektologie
dc.subject dialect variation
dc.subject dialectology
dc.subject Bairisch
dc.subject Fränkisch
dc.subject Schwäbisch
dc.subject Bayern
dc.subject Sprachtatlas von Unterfranken
dc.subject Sprachatlas von Mittelfranken
dc.subject Sprachatlas von Bayerisch-Schwaben
dc.subject Sprachatlas von Oberbayern
dc.subject Bayerischer Sprachatlas
dc.subject BSA
dc.subject Sprachatlas von Nordostbayern
dc.subject Sprachtatlas von Niederbayern
dc.title Database of Bavarian Dialects (BayDat)
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