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dc.description The database offers access to over 6 million dialectal linguistic evidences of the project "Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects" (German: Das Bayerische Wörterbuch) as image snippets, partly and forthgoing lemmatized. The area covered by the Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects (Bayerisches Wörterbuch) comprises Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, the Upper Palatinate and neighbouring regions of Bavarian Swabia, Middle Franconia and Upper Franconia. Over and above the vernaculars spoken today, Bavaria’s literary tradition since its beginnings in the 8th century is also taken into account. Starting in 1913, language material was collected from all Bavarian-speaking regions in Bavaria. Questionnaires were sent out to local informants throughout Bavaria, and contemporary and historical literary sources were excerpted. Today the collection comprises around nine million dialect examples. With the exception of the “Wörterlisten” (word lists), which can be digitally searched and edited, this material consists of index cards, to which corresponding standard German or quasi-standard German keywords have been added, filed alphabetically (see link below for more information). For detailed information, please see and
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dc.publisher Bayerisches Wörterbuch
dc.publisher Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
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dc.subject Dialekt
dc.subject Dialectology
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dc.subject Bayerisch
dc.subject dialect variation
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dc.subject Historical Linguistics
dc.subject History of German Language and Literature
dc.title Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects
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