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dc.contributor.other Nøklestad, Anders 2014-07-30T21:35:56Z 2014-07-30T21:35:56Z 2014-07-30
dc.description Glossa is a web-based system for corpus search and results management. It comes with built-in support for CLARIN federated content search as well as corpora encoded with the IMS Corpus Workbench. It also has a plugin architecture that enables other search engines to be used once a wrapper has been created.Glossa can be freely downloaded and installed on the user's server. It currently supports only monolignual written corpora, but support for multilingual corpora is under development, as well as support for spoken corpora with audio, video and maps.
dc.publisher Department of Linguistics and Nordic Studies, University of Oslo
dc.title Glossa corpus search system
dc.type toolService
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additional.metadata Documentation language(s) (field_tool_documentation_langua):English Language(s) of input data (field_tool_input_language):-- any -- Implementation language(s) (field_tool_implementation_langu):Ruby, CoffeeScript Software requirements (field_tool_software_requirement):Ruby >= 1.9.2; R (optional) Short name (field_tool_short_name):Glossa Readily Available (field_tool_available):No Availibility (field_tool_availibility):Public Nid:3753 System requirements (field_tool_system_requirements):Some kind of relational database Platform(s) (field_tool_platform):Tested on Linux and Mac OSX Character encoding of output data (field_tool_char_encoding_output):Unicode (UTF-8) Documentation link (field_tool_document_link): Open source code (field_tool_open_source_code):yes Language(s) of output data (field_tool_output_language):-- any -- Relevant project(s) (field_tool_relevant_project):CLARINO Version (field_tool_version):Version 2 alpha
branding LRT + Open Submissions
dc.coverage.placeName Norway
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