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dc.contributor.other Simov, Kiril 2014-07-30T21:33:43Z 2014-07-30T21:33:43Z 2014-07-30
dc.description The tokenizer is covering all languages that use Latin1, Laitn2, Latin3 and Cyrillic tables of Unicode. Can be extended to cover other tables in Unicode if necessary. The implementation is as a cascaded regular grammar in CLaRK. It recognizes over 60 token categories. It is easy to be adapted to new token categories.
dc.publisher Linguistic Modeling Department, IPP, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
dc.title BulTreeBank Tokenizer
dc.type toolService
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additional.metadata Language(s) of input data (field_tool_input_language):-- any -- Implementation language(s) (field_tool_implementation_langu):Java Software requirements (field_tool_software_requirement):Java Webservice link (field_tool_webservice_link): Availibility (field_tool_availibility):free Nid:993 System requirements (field_tool_system_requirements):Java based Platform(s) (field_tool_platform):used under MS Windows, Linux Character encoding of output data (field_tool_char_encoding_output):Unicode (UTF-8) Documentation link (field_tool_document_link):not available Approach (field_tool_aproach):cascaded regular grammars (finite-state) Open source code (field_tool_open_source_code):no Language(s) of output data (field_tool_output_language):-- any -- Character encoding of input data (field_tool_char_encoding):Unicode (UTF-8) Version (field_tool_version):1.0
branding LRT + Open Submissions
dc.coverage.placeName Bulgaria
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