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dc.description The Netherlands Veterans Institute (VI) hosts about 250 interviews (audio) in which Dutch former military personel speak about their experiences during World War II (interviews about the years 1935-1945) and decolonisation in the Dutch East Indies (1945-1950) and Dutch New Guinea (1960-1962). In the project Living Oral History Workbench these interviews have been indexed by automatic speech recognition techniques. The list of interviews and their metadata are available at the CLARIN Center; researchers may apply to VI for access to the data.
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dc.publisher The Netherlands Veteran Institute
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dc.title Living Oral History Workbench: Interviewproject Nederlandse Veteranen (IPNV)
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additional.metadata Contact Person (field_contact_person) Nid:3572 Working Languages (field_working_languages):Dutch Long term preservation by (field_longterm_preservation):Data Archiving and Networked Services [nid:2652] Readily Available (field_resource_available):Yes Description (field_description_0):Permission to access interviews for academic purposes may be granted by The Netherlands Veterans Institute. For this you can contact the CLARIN Center representative. Publications (field_publications): Book and enhanced publication
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