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corpus of 326 sentences with "over"
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1) A6F 390 The NUM's main trouble with the courts arose over actions brought by its own members on the grounds that the union had broken its own rules (over a pre-strike ballot) and for contempt.
2) ABJ 2891 Now the political consequences have spilled over into Belorussia, and especially into the Gomel area, the part of Belorussia nearest Chernobyl. 
3) AC4 1742 They were leaning forward facing each other, one on either side of Tug, looming over him. 
4) ACS 1101 All over the country, and particularly in American libraries abroad run by the International Information Administration, intelligent men rushed to destroy books by �suspect� authors, embracing among others Sherwood Anderson, W. H. Auden, Theodore Dreiser and Edmund Wilson. 
5) ADH 362 This information is all the more important because of the official nature of coins, which thereby gives them an advantage over other more private inscriptions. 
6) ADM 213 I added quickly, as the appalled expression of a visitor singled out by a . . .