Show simple item record Cinková, Silvie Chromý, Jan Šamánková, Jana Hořeňovská, Karolína Kettnerová, Václava Kolářová, Veronika Kubištová, Hana Panevová, Jarmila 2023-01-02T11:51:36Z 2023-01-02T11:51:36Z 2023-01-01
dc.description LiFR-Law is a corpus of Czech legal and administrative texts with measured reading comprehension and a subjective expert annotation of diverse textual properties based on the Hamburg Comprehensibility Concept (Langer, Schulz von Thun, Tausch, 1974). It has been built as a pilot data set to explore the Linguistic Factors of Readability (hence the LiFR acronym) in Czech administrative and legal texts, modeling their correlation with actually observed reading comprehension. The corpus is comprised of 18 documents in total; that is, six different texts from the legal/administration domain, each in three versions: the original and two paraphrases. Each such document triple shares one reading-comprehension test administered to at least thirty readers of random gender, educational background, and age. The data set also captures basic demographic information about each reader, their familiarity with the topic, and their subjective assessment of the stylistic properties of the given document, roughly corresponding to the key text properties identified by the Hamburg Comprehensibility Concept.
dc.language.iso ces
dc.publisher Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL)
dc.rights Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
dc.subject readability
dc.subject legal texts
dc.subject legal domain
dc.subject reading comprehension
dc.subject corpus
dc.subject survey
dc.title LiFR-Law. Corpus of Paraphrased Czech Administrative Texts with Reading Comprehension for Readability Studies
dc.type corpus
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dc.rights.label PUB
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contact.person Silvie Cinková Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL)
sponsor GAČR 19-19191S Linguistic Factors of Readability in Czech Administrative and Educational Texts nationalFunds 17601 tokens 18 texts 769 items
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LiFR corpus with annotation and metadata
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        • stavarska-1_kusv.txt13 kB
        • zastoupeni-2_jasa.txt4 kB
        • stavarska-2_orig.txt14 kB
        • ockovani-2_jasa.txt5 kB
        • knihovna-2_kusv.txt7 kB
        • knihovna-3_orig.txt7 kB
        • zahradnici-3_kusv.txt7 kB
        • zahradnici-1_jasa.txt5 kB
        • zastoupeni-3_orig.txt6 kB
        • ockovani-3_orig.txt7 kB
        • zahradnici-2_orig.txt7 kB
        • knihovna-1_jasa.txt6 kB
        • stavarska-3_jasa.txt10 kB
        • zaloba-2_kusv.txt6 kB
        • zastoupeni-1_kusv.txt4 kB
        • ockovani-1_kusv.txt8 kB
        • zaloba-3_jasa.txt5 kB
        • zaloba-1_orig.txt6 kB
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        • stavarska-1_kusv.pdf155 kB
        • zastoupeni-2_jasa.pdf152 kB
        • stavarska-2_orig.pdf146 kB
        • ockovani-2_jasa.pdf153 kB
        • knihovna-2_kusv.pdf139 kB
        • knihovna-3_orig.pdf132 kB
        • zahradnici-3_kusv.pdf211 kB
        • zahradnici-1_jasa.pdf139 kB
        • zastoupeni-3_orig.pdf130 kB
        • ockovani-3_orig.pdf131 kB
        • zahradnici-2_orig.pdf144 kB
        • knihovna-1_jasa.pdf139 kB
        • stavarska-3_jasa.pdf199 kB
        • zaloba-2_kusv.pdf139 kB
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        • zaloba-3_jasa.html6 kB
        • ockovani-2_jasa.html7 kB
        • zahradnici-1_jasa.html6 kB
        • zahradnici-3_kusv.html9 kB
        • stavarska-2_orig.html16 kB
        • knihovna-3_orig.html8 kB
        • ruzenka.html1 kB
        • stavarska-1_kusv.html15 kB
        • ockovani-1_kusv.html9 kB
        • zaloba-1_orig.html7 kB
        • zastoupeni-1_kusv.html5 kB
        • zastoupeni-2_jasa.html6 kB
        • ockovani-3_orig.html9 kB
        • zastoupeni-3_orig.html7 kB
        • knihovna-2_kusv.html8 kB
        • stavarska-3_jasa.html13 kB
        • knihovna-1_jasa.html7 kB
        • zahradnici-2_orig.html9 kB
      • docx.zip557 kB
    • lifr_tsv_Demograficke
      • Demograficke_ReaderFreq.tsv18 kB
      • Demograficke_Eyesight.tsv18 kB
      • Demograficke_WriterFreq.tsv18 kB
      • Demograficke_CzechL2.tsv1 kB
      • Demograficke_Age.tsv17 kB
      • Demograficke_CzechL1.tsv17 kB
      • Demograficke_Sex.tsv16 kB
      • Demograficke_Disorder.tsv17 kB
      • Demograficke_Education.tsv17 kB
    • lifr_tsv_Subjektivni
      • Subjektivni_wideformat.tsv91 kB
      • Subjektivni_longformat.tsv465 kB
    • README_LiFR_admin.pdf639 kB
    • lifr_tsv_OdpovediTestCteni
      • OdpovediTestCteni_OpraMC.tsv438 kB
      • OdpovediTestCteni_OpraOpenQ.tsv359 kB
      • OdpovediTestCteni_OpraMC.tsv.bak438 kB
    • lifr_tsv_CoVedeliPredem
      • CoVedeliPredem_JednotliveOtazky.tsv309 kB
      • CoVedeliPredem_PerDokument.tsv89 kB
    • lifr_tsv_Dokumenty
      • Dokumenty_nazvy_dokumentu.tsv81 kB
    • lifr_hamburg_comprehensibility_annotation
      • lifr_hamburg_comprehensibility_annotation.tsv5 kB
    • lifr_formr_study_design
      • lifr_formr_run.json1 MB

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