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dc.description The presented data and metadata include answers to questions raised in the questionnaire focused on the experience of teaching practicums and their role in the practical preparation of English language teachers at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, as well as a basic quantitative analysis of the answers. The analysis of the questionnaires shows that trainees are, in most cases, prepared for their teaching practicum both professionally and in terms of pedagogy and psychology, and the use of reflective teaching methods seems very useful. The benefits of the teaching practicum include, in particular, getting to know the real situation of teaching in secondary schools and working with a larger group of pupils, getting to know oneself as a teacher, gaining self-confidence, and becoming aware of one's own limits and areas for improvement. The downsides of the current system of teaching practice include mainly the low time allocation, the lack of integration of the practice in the curriculum, and the lack of involvement of the trainee in the daily running of the school (administrative work, supervision, meetings) and the lack of quality feedback from the faculty teacher.
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