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dc.description Software for corpus linguists and text/data mining enthusiasts. The CorpusExplorer combines over 45 interactive visualizations under a user-friendly interface. Routine tasks such as text acquisition, cleaning or tagging are completely automated. The simple interface supports the use in university teaching and leads users/students to fast and substantial results. The CorpusExplorer is open for many standards (XML, CSV, JSON, R, etc.) and also offers its own software development kit (SDK). Source code available at
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dc.publisher Jan Oliver Rüdiger
dc.subject Corpus Linguisitics
dc.subject NLP
dc.subject conll
dc.subject tei
dc.subject XML
dc.subject nlp
dc.subject Natural Language Processing
dc.subject linguistics
dc.subject Linguistics
dc.subject Computational Linguistics
dc.subject corpus processing
dc.subject tagger
dc.subject POS tagger
dc.subject lemmatization
dc.subject text cleaning
dc.subject CommonCrawl
dc.subject epub
dc.subject JSON
dc.subject Twitter
dc.subject Pandoc
dc.subject Wikipedia
dc.subject digital data
dc.subject DTA
dc.subject DSpin
dc.subject MySQL
dc.subject ElasticSearch
dc.subject TextGrid
dc.subject text corpora
dc.subject TigerXML
dc.subject WeblichtXML
dc.title CorpusExplorer
dc.type toolService
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metashare.ResourceInfo#ContentInfo.detailedType tool
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branding LRT + Open Submissions
contact.person Jan Oliver Rüdiger Universität Kassel
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