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dc.description MUSCIMarker is an open-source tool for annotating visual objects and their relationships in binary images. It is implemented in Python, known to run on Windows, Linux and OS X, and supports working offline. MUSCIMarker is being used for creating a dataset of musical notation symbols, but can support any object set. The user documentation online is currently (12.2016) incomplete, as it is continually changing to reflect annotators' comments and incorporate new features. This version of the software is *not* the final one, and it is under continuous development (we're currently working on adding grayscale image support with auto-binarization, and Android support for touch-based annotation). However, the current version (1.1) has already been used to annotate more than 100 pages of sheet music, over all the major desktop OSes, and I believe it is already in a state where it can be useful beyond my immediate music notation data gathering use case.
dc.publisher Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL)
dc.rights Apache License 2.0
dc.subject image annotation
dc.subject Python
dc.subject music notation
dc.title MUSCIMarker
dc.type toolService
metashare.ResourceInfo#ResourceComponentType#ToolServiceInfo.languageDependent false
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContentInfo.detailedType tool
dc.rights.label PUB
has.files yes
contact.person Jan Hajič jr. Charles University in Prague, UFAL
sponsor Grantová agentura České republiky GAP103/12/G084 Centrum pro multi-modální interpretaci dat velkého rozsahu nationalFunds
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  • MUSCIMarker-1.1
    • LICENSE11 kB
    • .gitignore1 kB
    • README.md354 B
    • doc
      • Makefile7 kB
      • source
        • installation.rst5 kB
        • index.rst2 kB
        • tutorial.rst11 kB
        • conf.py9 kB
        • organizing.rst2 kB
        • shortcuts1 kB
        • running.rst985 B
        • controls.rst16 kB
        • images
          • screenshots
            • ui_annot_extrarelationships.png527 kB
            • ui_overview_image.png619 kB
            • ui_moving_clickanddrag.png492 kB
            • ui_annot_trimmedlasso_boxappears.png509 kB
            • ui_annot_parsed.png543 kB
            • ui_annot_symboltype.png529 kB
            • ui_overview_commands.png550 kB
            • ui_annot_selecttool.png515 kB
            • ui_moving_rightclick.png513 kB
            • ui_annot_trimmedlasso_drawline.png538 kB
            • fancy_screenshot.png565 kB
            • ui_overview_morecommands.png532 kB
            • ui_annot_clicktoselect.png570 kB
            • first_startup_screen.png459 kB
            • ui_annot_selectsymbol.png584 kB
            • ui_moving_zoomed.png498 kB
            • ui_moving_center.png535 kB
            • ui_overview_exit.png504 kB
            • ui_annot_relationshipdirection.png482 kB
            • ui_annot_relationship.png498 kB
            • ui_annot_trimmedlasso_careful.png518 kB
            • ui_annot_allrelated.png568 kB
            • ui_overview_toolkit.png526 kB
            • ui_moving_stopzooming.png529 kB
        • instructions.rst13 kB
      • make.bat6 kB
    • MUSCIMarker
      • test_data
        • empty_cropobject_list.xml324 B
        • example_annotation.xml101 kB
        • pts.pkl0 B
        • t1.png251 B
      • rendering.py34 kB
      • muscimarker_config.json1 kB
      • MUSCIMarkerApp.py76 kB
      • main.py1 kB
      • analyze_tracking_log.py15 kB
      • utils.py21 kB
      • edge_view.py23 kB
      • muscimarker_io.py39 kB
      • recovery
        • .recovery-placeholder0 B
      • tracker.py9 kB
      • syntax
        • dependency_grammar.py23 kB
        • __init__.py1 kB
        • dependency_parsers.py1 kB
      • tmp
        • .tmp-placeholder0 B
      • annotator_model.py20 kB
      • __init__.py0 B
      • editor.py18 kB
      • toolkit.py53 kB
      • static
        • example_annotation.xml192 kB
        • OMR-RG_logo_darkbackground.png173 kB
        • default_score_image_noattr.png58 kB
        • OMR-RG_logo.png157 kB
        • default_score_image.png92 kB
        • ufal_logo.png5 kB
      • data
        • mff-muscima-mlclasses-primitives.xml16 kB
        • mff-muscima-mlclasses-signs.xml7 kB
        • mff-muscima-mlclasses.xml17 kB
        • mff-muscima-mlclasses-annot.xml19 kB
        • grammars
          • mff-muscima-mlclasses-annot.deprules2 kB
      • muscimarker.kv18 kB
      • mlclass_selection.py6 kB
      • cropobject_view.py36 kB
    • pax_global_header52 B

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