Show simple item record Zeman, Daniel Mareček, David Mašek, Jan Popel, Martin Ramasamy, Loganathan Rosa, Rudolf Štěpánek, Jan Žabokrtský, Zdeněk 2015-08-21T12:26:51Z 2015-08-21T12:26:51Z 2015-08-18
dc.description HamleDT (HArmonized Multi-LanguagE Dependency Treebank) is a compilation of existing dependency treebanks (or dependency conversions of other treebanks), transformed so that they all conform to the same annotation style. This version uses Universal Dependencies as the common annotation style. Update (November 1017): for a current collection of harmonized dependency treebanks, we recommend using the Universal Dependencies (UD). All of the corpora that are distributed in HamleDT in full are also part of the UD project; only some corpora from the Patch group (where HamleDT provides only the harmonizing scripts but not the full corpus data) are available in HamleDT but not in UD.
dc.language.iso ara
dc.language.iso eus
dc.language.iso ben
dc.language.iso bul
dc.language.iso cat
dc.language.iso hrv
dc.language.iso ces
dc.language.iso dan
dc.language.iso nld
dc.language.iso eng
dc.language.iso est
dc.language.iso fin
dc.language.iso fra
dc.language.iso deu
dc.language.iso ell
dc.language.iso grc
dc.language.iso heb
dc.language.iso hin
dc.language.iso hun
dc.language.iso ind
dc.language.iso gle
dc.language.iso ita
dc.language.iso jpn
dc.language.iso lat
dc.language.iso fas
dc.language.iso pol
dc.language.iso por
dc.language.iso ron
dc.language.iso rus
dc.language.iso slk
dc.language.iso slv
dc.language.iso spa
dc.language.iso swe
dc.language.iso tam
dc.language.iso tel
dc.language.iso tur
dc.publisher Charles University
dc.rights HamleDT 3.0 License Terms
dc.subject annotated corpus
dc.subject morphology
dc.subject syntax
dc.subject dependency
dc.subject treebank
dc.subject harmonized annotation
dc.subject common annotation style
dc.title HamleDT 3.0
dc.type corpus
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContentInfo.mediaType text
dc.rights.label PUB
has.files yes
contact.person Daniel Zeman Charles University in Prague
sponsor Grantová agentura České republiky GA15-10472S Morphologically and Syntactically Annotated Corpora of Many Languages nationalFunds 883015680 bytes
files.size 883036160
files.count 1
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