This page describes all the TEITOK corpora served by LINDAT. We are working towards making more of our corpora available through TEITOK, as an alternative to the KonText interface. All corpora available here are also available in Kontext, and corpora in the TEITOK/Kontext hybrid provide a rich context view in Kontext, which links back to the TEITOK visualization of that context.

TEITOK is an online platform for corpora, developed by Maarten Janssen, previously at CLUL (Universidade de Lisboa) and later CELGA-ILTEC (Universidade de Coimbra), and currently maintained at ÚFAL (Charles University). TEITOK not only allows searching the corpus, but also to visualize individual documents, and to edit corpora so that corpora can gradually made better and/or larger. 

At LINDAT, we make a distinction between static corpora and live corpora in TEITOK. Static corpora are the traditional style corpora that are made available as fixed resources that allow for reproducible search query. While live corpora are the corpora that are under development and are being improved over time. The two corpora are kept on different servers to reflect their different status, and the live corpora are at times unavailable while the corpus is being rebuilt. To allow for reproducible searches in live corpora, the live corpora are at times exported to static, numbered versions that are made available via the static server and the repository.

As an infrastructure project, LINDAT allows not only its own corpora to be hosted, but also to host corpora by other academic institutions. If you are interested in hosting a TEITOK/Kontext hybrid corpus at the LINDAT installations, do not hesitate to contact us.