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dc.description Segment from Československý zvukový týdeník Aktualita (Czechoslovak Aktualita Sound Newsreel) 1942, issue no. 17, captures the presentation of a gift Ï Ambulance Train no. 751 Ï from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia to Adolf Hitler and the German army. The train handover took place at Prague Main Railway Station on 20 April 1942, the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Cars arrive in front of Prague Main Railway Station. Acting Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich enters the train station. State President Emil Hácha gives a speech in the festively decorated railway hall. In response, Heydrich shakes his hand. The event is witnessed by a delegation of railway workers. The train crew lines up on the station platform. Heydrich enters the train with his entourage and inspects the sleeping cars, the operating carriage, the kitchen, and the sick bay. The inspection of the ambulance train is attended by Protectorate Prime Minister Jaroslav Krejčí and Minister of Education and People´s Enlightenment Emanuel Moravec. According to the voiceover, the train was made in a railway workshop in Prague-Bubny in record time. It consisted of 28 carriages and 20 hospital carriages, was 410 metres long, weighed 545 tons and had capacity for 280 wounded.
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dc.subject busta Hitler Adolf
dc.subject důstojníci němečtí
dc.subject vojáci němečtí nastoupení
dc.subject orlice říšskoněmecká na vlaku
dc.subject vlak sanitní část lůžková
dc.subject vlak sanitní ošetřovna
dc.subject vlak sanitní kuchyně
dc.subject Heydrichiáda
dc.subject Places::Praha::Nové Město::Hlavní nádraží
dc.subject People::Hácha Emil (1872-1945)
dc.subject People::Heydrich Reinhard (1904-1942)
dc.subject People::Krejčí Jaroslav (1892-1956)
dc.subject People::Moravec Emanuel (1893-1945)
dc.subject People::Frank Karl Hermann (1898-1946)
dc.subject Český zvukový týdeník Aktualita::1942/17
dc.title A Gift of an Ambulance Train to the German Army
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