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dc.description Bavaria's Dialects Online (BDO) is the digital language information system of the three projects "Bavarian Dictionary", "Franconian Dictionary", and "Dialectological Information System of Bavarian Swabia". The database combines the research results of dialect research and presents dictionary articles as well as research data in a freely accessible online tool. BDO is not only aimed at scholars, but also at the lay public interested in the language. Here, the vocabulary of all Bavarian dialects is collected in one place and made accessible. The system shows the richness of the dialects of Bavaria in combination. With the new database, one will be able to compare the dialect vocabulary of Old Bavaria, Franconia and Swabia. Authentic dialect evidence is used to illustrate the dialect words in their variety of meanings and regional distribution, as well as to show their use in idioms, proverbs, and much more. BDO allows a whole new look at the vocabulary of the dialects of all parts of the state of Bavaria.
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dc.subject dialectology
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dc.title Bavaria's Dialects Online
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