Czech–German Lexicon of Anaphoric Connectives 1.0 (GeCzLex 1.0)


GeCzLex 1.0 is an online electronic resource for translation equivalents of Czech and German discourse connectives. It is one of the outcomes of a three-year research project on anaphoricity in Czech and German connectives (Anaphoricity in Connectives: Lexical Description and Bilingual Corpus Analysis), so the lexicon enlists anaphoric connectives for both languages and provides their possible translations documented in bilingual parallel corpora (not necessarily anaphoric).

As a basis, two existing monolingual lexicons of connectives were used:

Their relevant entries were interlinked via semantic annotation of the connectives according to the PDTB 3 sense taxonomy and statistical information of translation possibilities from the Czech and German parallel data of the Intercorp project. The lexicon is, as far as we know, the first bilingual inventory of connectives with linkage on the level of individual semantic categories of each connective. In total, there are 42 entries in the Czech part of GeCzLex 1.0, and 56 entries in the German part.

How to get, open and browse the data

GeCzLex 1.0 is available on-line as HTML web pages. It can also be downloaded from the LINDAT-Clarin repository under the Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

In the downloaded distribution, the lexicon is available in the HTML format - simply open the file index.html from the directory HTML in a web browser.

How to Cite

Kateřina Rysová, Lucie Poláková, Magdaléna Rysová, Jiří Mírovský: Lexicon of Czech and German Anaphoric Connectives. Data/software, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic,, Dec 2019

Updates, further information

For updates and further information, see the on-line documentation to GeCzLex.