This page contains up-to-date information on progress of the proposal for a Czech national project in the call of Large Infrastructures that would become the Czech node of the DARIAH network (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Art and Humanities). Top‐level schema of DARIAH‐CZ operations and services shows the general workflow, from digitized/digital data to accessible databases, tools and services for Digital Humanities users. View details.

Contact person

Prof. RNDr. Jan Hajič, Dr. (Charles University)

Proposal status

The proposal has been favourably evaluated by an international panel during the Evaluation of Research Infrastructures in 2017 and is waiting for government approval to be funded and included in the Czech Large Infrastructures Roadmap.


DARIAH-CZ consortium organized the DARIAH-CZ workshop on Digital Humanities 2018 on April 24 in cooperation with support of the DESIR and LINDAT/CLARIN projects (more). Prof. Hajič presented DARIAH-CZ, see his presentation.


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