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s-1 Fort Lee
s-2 Fort Lee is a city in Bergen County.
s-3 View of the George Washington Bridge's long span and Manhattan, as seen while looking east from Fort Lee Historic Park
s-4 Understand
s-5 Fort Lee is located between the Paramus, NJ retail corridor and Upper Manhattan.
s-6 This town is comprised of a large residential community that includes Fort Lee natives, transplants from New York, and immigrants, especially from Korea.
s-7 This cultural diversity is represented through the vast variety of international restaurants and small business, and in particular, there is a strong Korean presence that can be seen in retail and dining storefronts.
s-8 Fort Lee is a small town but is piled high with apartment buildings.
s-9 Because Fort Lee is situated above the banks of the Hudson River, there are breathtaking views from almost any window facing the river.
s-10 The New York City skyline and 4th of July fireworks are spectacular over the river.
s-11 Although it is highly built up, Fort Lee also houses many playing fields and recreational parks as well as bike and running trails.
s-12 And although there is a great deal of vehicle traffic to and from the George Washington Bridge, which connects Fort Lee with Manhattan, one of the largest perks of this town is the walking access to many restaurants, convenience stores and mass transit, in the form of buses and vans that frequently run across the bridge and up and down major streets.
s-13 Get in
s-14 One of the more interesting of the many highrise residential buildings in Fort Lee
s-15 Fort Lee is bordered by Edgewater, Englewood Cliffs, Cliffside Park and Leonia.
s-16 By car
s-17 If coming from New York City, take the George Washington Bridge;
s-18 Fort Lee is the first town on the New Jersey side of the bridge.
s-19 By bus or jitney
s-20 Ask any bus or jitney driver leaving from the Port Authority George Washington Bus Station on 177 St. whether s/he can let you off in Fort Lee.
s-21 By ferry
s-22 Fort Lee can also be accessed by boat or ferry from New York City via Edgewater and Weehawken docks.
s-23 By plane
s-24 The nearest airports to Fort Lee are Newark Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Teterboro (general aviation only), JFK and Westchester County Airport.
s-25 Get around
s-26 Old and new meet in Fort Lee, as the Good Shepherd Episcopalian Church is dwarfed by a residential highrise immediately behind it
s-27 Most people choose cars, but if headed to a central area, such as Main Street, it is best to drive there, park in a municipal parking lot, and walk around from there.
s-28 Since so much of the town’s retail area is clustered in 3 or 4 block radius, it would be beneficial to walk around, but might also be dangerous given the high traffic intersections.
s-29 If walking use caution, and if parking, make sure to feed the meter with plenty of pocket change; the meter maids take their job very seriously.
s-30 Since fort lee is situated in such a convenient area for those commuting to and from the city, there is often high traffic and congestion on the roads.
s-31 If you are planning on being somewhere at a certain time, one might suggest leaving a good 10 to 15 minutes to escape local traffic before hitting any major roadways.
s-32 For local transportation or air-port / train station services, there are several local taxi companies that are reliable.
s-33 A-1 2470 Lemoine Avenue, tel: 1 201 944-3737.
s-34 Babe's 185 Bridge Plaza North, tel: 1 201 944-6800.
s-35 G W Taxi 1696 Bergen Blvd, tel: 1 201 363-0555.
s-36 See
s-37 Fort Lee Historic Park, a reconstruction of a Revolutionary War encampment, with beautiful views and pleasant greenery
s-38 Fort Lee is known and named for the story of how General George Washington was forced to evacuate the area in November of 1776 and begin his famous retreat through New Jersey during the winter of 1776-77 in the protection of 'Fort Lee'.
s-39 The Visitors' Center provides information on the role of Fort Lee in the War.
s-40 Audio-visual displays, detailed exhibits, gives visitors a sense of what this town was like centuries ago.
s-41 Fort Lee Historic Park, Hudson Terrace, tel: 1 201 461-1776.
s-42 Revolutionary re-enactments, and breathtaking views of the GW Bridge, the Little Red Light House, Hudson River and majestic city skyline.
s-43 The George Washington Bridge can be crossed by bicycle or on foot as well as in a motorized vehicle.
s-44 Do
s-45 Fort Lee's Public School 4, a daily activity for the elementary school set
s-46 Other than eating, or shopping, or shopping for food, there is not much else to do unless you work in Fort Lee.
s-47 Fort Lee also has a great community center open to all borough residents.
s-48 The community center has dance, yoga, and other exercise classes, offers open gym hours for basketball or other recreation.
s-49 During the summer their outdoor theatre is used for performances and 'movies in the park' every Friday night.
s-50 Jack Alter Fort Lee Community Center, 1355 Inwood Terrace, tel: 1 201-592-4699, contact for membership information, and upcoming events.
s-51 Buy
s-52 There is an abundance of supermarkets, one the most famous and unique being Caffasso’s Fairway Market.
s-53 There are also many nail salons, frozen yogurt shops, coffee shops and gas stations.
s-54 Cafasso's Fairway Market 1214 Anderson Ave, 1 201-224-7900.
s-55 Store hours: Mon-Fri 08:30 am - 7 pm, Sat 08:30 am - 06:30 pm, Sun 9 am - 03:00 pm
s-56 Main Street is the primary retail section of Fort Lee, and features stores such as Borders and liquor stores, and you can find a deli or drug store on every corner.
s-57 There are tons of specialty boutiques and gourmet caterers, as well as clothing and sporting good retailers.
s-58 Also on Main St. is Metropolitan Plants, a haven for flower lovers, with a very large selection of products for gardeners.
s-59 Eat
s-60 Within Fort Lee, the main attraction would be its collection of restaurants.
s-61 Fort Lee offers international cuisine and is famous for their pizzerias, delis and 24-hour diners, in addition to its Korean restaurants.
s-62 They have a warm local atmosphere and taste great.

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