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AnnotationPeng, Siyao;Zeldes, Amir

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s-1 This is, like ... it's not a pizza vlog, what is this?
s-2 Low-key Saturday vlog.
s-3 This is like a low-key Saturday vlog.
s-4 You never know what's gonna happen on Saturdays for me.
s-5 You should, like, vlog, like, you taking your dogs out and, like, you getting cereal in the morning, and, like, you're just chilling at your counter.
s-6 That's what I did!
s-7 Look at our basil plants.
s-8 They're flourishing!
s-9 Yeah, they are big right now.
s-10 I'm gonna be like this basil plant.
s-11 You're prettier.
s-12 It smells insanely good!
s-13 You're supposed to take basil and put it up your nose.
s-14 Yeah?
s-15 No, I have never seen that.
s-16 You're supposed to roll up the basil and put it in your nose.
s-17 Do it.
s-18 I wanna put this in my hair so bad.
s-19 How beautiful would that be?
s-20 Good job!
s-21 This is Mrs. Pellegrino!
s-22 Ciao!
s-23 And Nonna Lina!
s-24 Nonna is my father's mother.
s-25 She gave birth to my father, who gave birth to me.
s-26 Well, my mother gave ...
s-27 You guys know.
s-28 You put your hand here.
s-29 It's weird, like, teaching them because they teach me everything about cooking!
s-30 This is so wholesome, I love it!
s-31 This makes me so happy!
s-32 Okay!
s-33 So ...
s-34 Yes, but I wanna see you guys throw it in the air.
s-35 So, we hold it like this.
s-36 And then you just do a little toss!
s-37 So, it's like, uhh, that motion.
s-38 If it falls on the floor, it's okay?
s-39 No, no!
s-40 I mean it's your pizza, but throw it right over ...
s-41 Yaay!
s-42 That's great!
s-43 Get some more air!
s-44 There you go!
s-45 Throw it up, up, up, up!
s-46 Yeah!
s-47 Look at that!
s-48 See how you don't even have to tell Nonna to get, like, all close to the crust, like, she already knows.
s-49 The pizza sauce is in Nonna's blood, that's where it started.
s-50 That was quick too.
s-51 You know, I'm surprised you're not fat.
s-52 You always say that.
s-53 There we go!
s-54 Nice job!
s-55 Brava!
s-56 Nonna goes 'What do you think?'
s-57 You are a good teacher, Giuliana.
s-58 Grazie!
s-59 What's pizza without cheese?
s-60 We're the same, we're the same.
s-61 Wow-eee, look at that!
s-62 You want onions on yours?
s-63 No!
s-64 No?
s-65 Anything else?
s-66 No.
s-67 Alright!
s-68 Perfect!
s-69 How'd you think it went?
s-70 I think it went well and I'm proud of myself too!
s-71 Do you guys wanna say anything to the vlog?
s-72 This is the best day in a long time for me!
s-73 Why?
s-74 Because I'm with the ... the beautiful cook!
s-75 The beautiful pizza maker!
s-76 People call me Pizza Princess, did you know this?
s-77 No, but they are right!
s-78 And my beautiful friend, Lina!
s-79 Nonna!
s-80 This is so cute.
s-81 They're, like, the most Italian women you've ever met.
s-82 Oh, yeah!
s-83 So Italian!
s-84 Look at this.
s-85 You wanna try?
s-86 No!
s-87 You sure?
s-88 Nonna!
s-89 Twist!
s-90 Oh!
s-91 You gotta twist it?
s-92 There you go!
s-93 Nice!
s-94 Oh my god!
s-95 It didn't get down!
s-96 Isn't it fun!
s-97 And I do these!
s-98 I like to toss it.
s-99 So, you do a lot of playing?
s-100 Oh, yeah, it's fun!

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