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s-1 Boom!
s-2 It's like lipstick central.
s-3 It's actually pretty crazy in here.
s-4 Eventually I actually maybe we can check for this at Target.
s-5 I actually want to get one of those acrylic things where the lipsticks can just stand up in it and it looks super neat.
s-6 Like that's definitely what I want.
s-7 But I also need to clear a lot of these out because I know a lot of these lipsticks are at least over like two three years old and that's like not okay.
s-8 Alright so let's have a quick look at this.
s-9 My fancy lipsticks I can't part with them yet.
s-10 I just I literally can't so I'm gonna keep those.
s-11 Let's see.
s-12 Okay so this is a Pat McGrath lipstick.
s-13 Oh my gosh.
s-14 It's like the most beautiful red lipstick.
s-15 Look at this.
s-16 Let me swatch it for you real quick, real quick.
s-17 Mm!
s-18 Look at how beautiful this is.
s-19 I feel like I don't want to throw it away.
s-20 But anyways, so on the bottom of this lipstick you can see where it says eighteen months is the shelf life so.
s-21 Let me see if I can
s-22 Can you all see this?
s-23 I will definitely insert a little clip here that will show you what the shelf life symbol looks like on products.
s-24 So you will find this on all your cosmetics, your makeup.
s-25 It is usually on there.
s-26 So when it says eighteen M that means that product, after eighteen months, is expired.
s-27 I feel like this is not too far past eighteen months, and I mean look at the red.
s-28 It's beautiful, so I can't part with it.
s-29 This is a problem.
s-30 Oh my gosh.
s-31 The doorbell rang.
s-32 Excitement!
s-33 Who's at the door Hershey?
s-34 Ah!
s-35 Alright.
s-36 I'll be right back.
s-37 I got to get the door.
s-38 Alright.
s-39 Let's get back into the spring cleaning.
s-40 You're gonna spring clean with me?
s-41 What a sweet baby.
s-42 Yes you are!
s-43 Look at her.
s-44 Guys I love her so much!
s-45 Hershey it's your first vlog.
s-46 You're doing great.
s-47 Ah!
s-48 Alright.
s-49 Let's get into this.
s-50 See what else we got here.
s-51 Okay Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick.
s-52 I also love this.
s-53 I love this color.
s-54 See what this says.
s-55 This says twelve months.
s-56 One hundred percent this is definitely definitely expired, but it's just with lipsticks it's kind of hard to tell.
s-57 Like like usually with foundations when it's expired, you will see the oil separating and all that, but this just looks it looks fine.
s-58 Makes it hard to throw away, but I'm gonna create like a little expired pile down here on the floor.
s-59 Alright what is this?
s-60 Oh this is Ofra!
s-61 Oh my god I had this back in college is when I ordered this, which is probably around twenty sixteen.
s-62 This is four years old.
s-63 Everything has like rubbed off of it.
s-64 This has one thousand percent got to go in the throw away pile.
s-65 Oh it looks kind of dry and crusty too.
s-66 Yeah no.
s-67 Not a good look.
s-68 Let's throw this out.
s-69 Go ahead and comment below.
s-70 How many of you people actually knew that makeup expires?
s-71 Cuz I actually did not know and actually didn't realize what that symbol meant until I heard other people talking about it and I was like wait what?.
s-72 Next up we got Ashton Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
s-73 Six months!
s-74 You're supposed to finish a whole liquid lipstick in six months.
s-75 That is wild.
s-76 I definitely had this for at least at least four years cuz I definitely had this in college as well.
s-77 Yeah that's gonna have to go in the expired pile.
s-78 So Dose of Colors definitely does not have an expiration date on their products.
s-79 I don't know if this means that they just don't expire or I don't know.
s-80 I don't know what that means.
s-81 Okay.
s-82 Let's keep going.
s-83 I'm a just put all the Dose of Color in a separate pile cuz that's kind of weird.
s-84 I might need to research that a little bit.
s-85 Oh!
s-86 Okay.
s-87 Let me show you guys.
s-88 That is an expired lipstick.
s-89 Ew.
s-90 Okay so the fancy lipsticks have a shelf life of twelve months, so one full year.
s-91 I know I've definitely had this over a year though.
s-92 I think.
s-93 Have I had this over a year?
s-94 My gosh it's hard to think back.
s-95 But yeah this just does not look good.
s-96 That's gonna have to go in the expired pile.
s-97 Yikes!
s-98 This black is also not looking good.
s-99 I feel like I've only had the black since last year Halloween though.
s-100 Or was it the Halloween before?

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