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s-1 Friday, January 3, 2014
s-2 Preston, Victoria, Australia
s-3 On Saturday, Wikinews interviewed Tina McKenzie, a former member of the Australia women's national wheelchair basketball team, known as the Gliders.
s-4 McKenzie, a silver and bronze Paralympic medalist in wheelchair basketball, retired from the game after the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London.
s-5 Wikinews caught up with her in a cafe in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Preston.
s-6 [The Spitfire Tournament in Canada] was a really good tournament actually.
s-7 It was a tournament that I wish we'd actually gone back to more often.
s-8 Who plays in that one?
s-9 It's quite a large Canadian tournament, and so we went as the Gliders team.
s-10 So we were trying to get as many international games as possible.
s-11 Cause that's one of our problems really, to compete.
s-12 It costs us so much money to for us to travel overseas and to compete internationally.
s-13 And so we can compete against each other all the time within Australia but we really need to be able to ...
s-14 It's not the same.
s-15 No, it's really not, so it's really important to be able to get as a many international trips throughout the year to continue our improvement.
s-16 Also see where all the other teams are at as well.
s-17 But yes, Spitfire was good.
s-18 We took quite a few new girls over there back then in 2005, leading into the World Cup in the Netherlands.
s-19 Was that the one where you were the captain of the team, in 2005?
s-20 Or was that a later one?
s-21 No, I captained in 2010.
s-22 So 2009, 2010 World Cup.
s-23 And then I had a bit of some time off in 2011.
s-24 The Gliders have never won the World Championship.
s-25 We always seem to have just a little bit of a chill out at the World Cup.
s-26 I don't know why.
s-27 It's really strange occurrence, over the years.
s-28 2002 World Cup, we won bronze.
s-29 Then in 2006 we ended up fourth.
s-30 It was one of the worst World Cups we've played actually.
s-31 And then in 2010 we just ... I don't know what happened.
s-32 We just didn't play as well as we thought we would.
s-33 Came fourth.
s-34 But you know what?
s-35 Fired us up for the actual Paralympics.
s-36 So the World Cup is ... it's good to be able to do well at the World Cup, to be placed, but it also means that you get a really good opportunity to know where you're at in that two year gap between the Paralympics.
s-37 So you can come back home and revisit what you need to do and, you know, where the team's at.
s-38 And all that sort of stuff.
s-39 Unfortunately, they are talking about moving it so it will be on the year before the Paralympics.
s-40 Oh really.
s-41 The competition from the [FIFA] World Cup and all.
s-42 Right.
s-43 Well, that would be sad.
s-44 Tina McKenzie.
s-45 Image: Australian Paralympic Committee.

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