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AnnotationPeng, Siyao;Zeldes, Amir

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s-1 BDSM as business: An interview with the owners of a dungeon
s-2 Sunday, October 21, 2007
s-3 Operating the business
s-4 The costs
s-5 Clothing supply closet.
s-6 There's a misconception in this industry.
s-7 Your exposure to this is probably primarily what you see in movies, scanning magazines, scanning the Internet, just snippets everywhere.
s-8 It's portrayed as though it's dark, black and evil.
s-9 And --
s-10 Oh man, well?
s-11 What's up?
s-12 I do wear a lot of black.
s-13 It's anything but that.
s-14 If you look at the rooms, there's all the accouterments you'd find in these types of places -- but more than anything, there's a lot of good feeling around here.
s-15 We hire the opposite of what you'd think we would hire, what the average person would think we would hire.
s-16 We hire educated, nice people.
s-17 I remember one of our ads that I had put in said, 'If you think nice girls don't do S&M,' -- I forgot what the rest of it said --
s-18 '-- think again.'
s-19 Yeah, 'think again' or something like that.
s-20 And that ad had pulled so many girls, because they -- I think they all thought that nice girls don't do this.
s-21 And a bunch of them had called and they said, 'Wow.'
s-22 And I think I remember, a bunch of guys called because of that also.
s-23 Do you remember?
s-24 I sure do, I sure do.
s-25 What are the startup costs involved?
s-26 It varies; look around Manhattan, look around rents, look around build-outs, look around hiring, look around advertising ...
s-27 What's your greatest non-fixed cost?
s-28 The single most costly thing we spend on is rent and advertising, those two together make up the bulk of what we spend.
s-29 There's supplies, and there's wear and tear and maintenance, and bookkeeping and things like that that you have to do.
s-30 That's about it.
s-31 The hardest thing in running this business, which is why people can't do it, is the relationship that my wife has with the gals and with the customers.
s-32 Where do you advertise?
s-33 A lot on the web, we've used most of the local city papers, New York Press, things like that, L Magazine.
s-34 In the back of the paper?
s-35 Typically in the back of the paper.
s-36 Magazines constantly change their policy on it; they want it, they don't want it ...
s-37 Depending on the election year --
s-38 Who's buying the paper, who's selling the paper.
s-39 So it changes, so one year we got to be in the Press, but they have now stopped adult ads.
s-40 Completely.
s-41 So now we'll be in the Voice for a while.
s-42 We're moving more towards the Internet at this point, because the Internet is a much easier, safer way for a person to look at sensitive material and not get caught with it.
s-43 Hiring employees
s-44 Personality test questions given to prospective mistresses.
s-45 Pursuant to your business question: we only hire nice people.
s-46 I don't care if a girl is absolutely exquisite looking --
s-47 My husband has met beautiful, beautiful girls --
s-48 -- beautiful girls --
s-49 -- and he's in the end, he would say, 'Well, I won't hire them.'
s-50 I'm like, Are you insane?
s-51 I won't hire them.
s-52 I hire --
s-53 Why not?
s-54 Because I want someone who's going to treat people nicely and well.
s-55 We have --
s-56 How can you tell whether they will or will not?
s-57 Just by talking to them?
s-58 Having been a psychologist for a number of years gives me a leg up on it.
s-59 And he's been right.
s-60 And I have made him hire these girls, and ultimately he's been right
s-61 They've been complete pain in the asses!
s-62 I also have a profile they fill out for me, a mini-MMPI that I developed, so that I have an idea -- Rebecca and I put it together
s-63 I don't know if you'd like to see one.
s-64 No, no, no. Just --
s-65 I could show you.
s-66 So I have a mini-MMPI that I --
s-67 Could I have a sample, not necessarily one that's filled out, but just one that you --
s-68 I'll show you.
s-69 The questions are --
s-70 Be careful.
s-71 He'll make you fill one out.
s-72 You'd be scared.
s-73 You wouldn't hire me.
s-74 Is it only girls you hire?
s-75 Yeah.
s-76 What would a question like 'the greatest woman in the world' reveal to you?
s-77 No question would reveal anything independently of all the questions together --
s-78 Sure.
s-79 -- but I have a chart that I'll go through; the MMPI.
s-80 The baseline data that I use to --
s-81 How did you originate these questions?
s-82 Where did I make them?
s-83 You get a baseline from asking girls and refining profiles --
s-84 And it's an amalgamation of questions.
s-85 Of many, many questions --
s-86 What's your favorite question?
s-87 I don't know, the O.J. Simpson ….
s-88 Yeah, I see O.J. Simpson.
s-89 What would that be an indicator of?
s-90 I'm not sure which one you gave him, but there's a brief, brief, brief IQ test there.
s-91 Very brief.
s-92 Do you ask for references?
s-93 No, because I really can't call and tell them I'm yeah, so-and-so's applying here for a position.

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