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AnnotationPeng, Siyao;Zeldes, Amir

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s-1 Am I doing that right so far?
s-2 Mhm.
s-3 All the way down to that?
s-4 Mhm.
s-5 I think.
s-6 I don't think I am.
s-7 Do you?
s-8 And you'd have to have that plus or minus.
s-9 What?
s-10 I don't know what I did to get that.
s-11 Where did I get that square root of um, x squared?
s-12 Because you brought this over here.
s-13 You brought three over here, divided by three, and then you have x squared, so if you want to find x, you have the square root of x squared.
s-14 I guess all I can't figure out is, what the square root of negative two thir thi two thirds is.
s-15 Would that be, i square root two thirds?
s-16 i square root two o over three.
s-17 The whole thing would be over three.
s-18 Well.
s-19 No it couldn't be.
s-20 Square root of two thirds, yeah.
s-21 But then you got the other one Nathan.
s-22 Oh, gosh, hm.
s-23 Leah.
s-24 She snoozing on the floor?
s-25 Mhm.
s-26 Not anymore, you woke her up.
s-27 She's doing the Karate Kid, Nathan.
s-28 She's like, 'leave me alone. Do I deserve this?'
s-29 I mean how would you like it, when you're laying in bed, somebody just grabbed your arm, started swinging it around?
s-30 I'd probably just slap em.
s-31 X squared equals one over the square root of that, the square root of that, x equals the square root of one.
s-32 She's not even looking at me.
s-33 She's just looking, like
s-34 I know.
s-35 That's what I'm talking about.
s-36 So, would that one be, square root of one half?
s-37 Mhm.
s-38 It would?
s-39 Mhm.
s-40 Yep.
s-41 But do y'all have to do that, um, you have to like, have it where you do that, there's no, um.
s-42 Fraction under the
s-43 Under the, in the denominator?
s-44 I mean no fraction under the
s-45 Oh yeah.
s-46 So then you just multiply, the whole thing by the square root of two, and you get the square root of two over two.
s-47 Even for the top one?
s-48 Even for that one?
s-49 No.
s-50 For I'm talking about for this one.
s-51 Oh.
s-52 All you do is like go, t- two over one.
s-53 You have the square root of one.
s-54 Like that, right?
s-55 Mhm.
s-56 Since you have the square root of two on the bottom, to make that a square, you have to multiply by the square root of two.
s-57 And then you get two, and you multiply the top by the square root of two, and you get, square root of two.
s-58 What?
s-59 I wanna rewind it and hear that back again.
s-60 Cause I sure didn't catch it the first time.
s-61 You got the two, and you take the square root of two, and you get the negative two, which you take the square, and it comes to two.
s-62 I'm sorry.
s-63 So, let's talk about this slowly, as I write this down, as you're saying it.
s-64 Alright?
s-65 This is what we came out with.
s-66 Right?
s-67 It's But put it as the square root of one, over the square root of two.
s-68 Oh.
s-69 And then you multiply that by the square root of two, over the square root of two.
s-70 Right.
s-71 Uh, is that what all those square root of twos are?
s-72 That's what I was try That's what I was trying to say.
s-73 Okay, I was wondering where all that, square root two, square root two.
s-74 That's what it was.
s-75 Then right here you'd get, square root of two over two.
s-76 Mhm.
s-77 See everything was square root two, over two, and two,
s-78 Right, but then, what about this one?
s-79 On this one.
s-80 Let me do this one.
s-81 But, you have i you have i square root of three, over square root of three.
s-82 I mean z i square root of two over three square root of three.
s-83 I can't even say it right.
s-84 Over, do I have another i down here, or just the one i?
s-85 Um, no.
s-86 Just one.
s-87 Okay, three and square root of three, over square root of three, and you get
s-88 i square root of six.
s-89 Yeah.
s-90 Over three.
s-91 Is that right?
s-92 I doubt it.
s-93 I really do.
s-94 I'm not kidding.
s-95 You can't You can't multiply square roots like that, can you?
s-96 Square root of two, times square root of three, is square root of six, is it?
s-97 Yeah.
s-98 Okay.
s-99 Well, then that's fine.
s-100 Then that is right.

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