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s-1 Okay, so a recheck would be about that much with the x-rays, and then
s-2 Mhm.
s-3 Does that sound right?
s-4 Thirty-two
s-5 I think if we she woke up, we could w- send her home tonight.
s-6 I wouldn't see why we couldn't send her home tonight, would you?
s-7 If she wakes up, fine.
s-8 Oh well, we're gonna be Biotaling her and oh
s-9 Sh- if she she probably won't though.
s-10 Never mind.
s-11 Never mind.
s-12 I was thinking, I'm still thinking
s-13 Jeez.
s-14 Na.
s-15 Na na, na na na.
s-16 And she won't have any an- antibiotics, cause there's no break.
s-17 No.
s-18 And that
s-19 Thirty-two.
s-20 What is this?
s-21 Ten, for anesthesia.
s-22 Oh.
s-23 But, they're opposite.
s-24 They're still opposite.
s-25 Yeah, that looks alright.
s-26 Don't you think we should charge them an extra eighteen?
s-27 For the distemper vaccine?
s-28 Trent does it.
s-29 No.
s-30 I felt horrible doing that on that eye dog that he had in here last week, under whatever night it was.
s-31 Cause he had down twenty-five plus eighteen, and what can you do, when he's already got it down?
s-32 Jeez.
s-33 Well, well, all we did I can't do that, cause all we did was, I was in here and put a bandage on.
s-34 Yeah.
s-35 Yeah.
s-36 Um, did you get hold of Dan then?
s-37 Yeah.
s-38 Let's see.
s-39 Six, fifty-six.
s-40 Let me see, let me see.
s-41 We need one of these and one of these, one of those, and one of those, and two of those.
s-42 Three, fifty-three.
s-43 Sent home with Amoxi, and Pred, so, we'll see how
s-44 Yeah.
s-45 Well, I'll call him probably late this afternoon, to make sure he's alright.
s-46 Calculator?
s-47 No, I was just trying to figure out what we spent already.
s-48 Mm.
s-49 Mm.
s-50 Let's see, we've already spent fifty for him, and I want him to spend another hundred.
s-51 Well
s-52 But that's better than pins, and surgery.
s-53 Right, which would be another two hundred or
s-54 Yeah, it's more for a surgery.
s-55 To spend.
s-56 Any pretty much any time you can
s-57 And that one really, you know, I don't think it would benefit from pins.
s-58 M-m.
s-59 Because we'd have to undo it.
s-60 I mean we'd have to, well, we'd have to go
s-61 We could we could try it closed.
s-62 Mhm.
s-63 But, still, it's more expensive.
s-64 I think it'll do fine with a cast, especially since it's a spiral fracture.
s-65 And it's not displaced.
s-66 And it's not displaced.
s-67 Should be pretty stable.
s-68 It'll be kind of a pain getting the well, maybe not, getting the cast over the stifle?
s-69 Maybe not.
s-70 Got kinda long legs.
s-71 Well, as long as she's as long as she's quiet.
s-72 Okay, I'll give him a call.
s-73 I don't know if he's in the barn, from home.
s-74 In back in from the barn yet or not.
s-75 Well
s-76 Called both the house number and the barn number, and both of em, and, a little kid answered.
s-77 Mm, yeah and they're little little kids too.
s-78 Mhm?
s-79 They're like 'I'm three.'
s-80 Yeah Carol?
s-81 It's Marcia.
s-82 Hi.
s-83 Um, we got x-rays done already, and, I was gonna let you know what, what was going on.
s-84 Should I talk to Richard or are you okay?
s-85 Okay.
s-86 Um, it looks like she's got a spiral fracture, of um, of her tibia, which is the bone between the knee and the hock, and, um, it's f- it's really looks, pretty stable.
s-87 It's not displaced very far anyway, and it's um, pretty much, you know, locked in place, so to speak.
s-88 Um, so I think that she would, she would do fine with a cast.
s-89 Um, and, I pretty much got an estimate so far, with the, coming in yesterday, and the x-rays and everything, the bill was about fifty-four.
s-90 And to do a cast, um, with the anasthesia, and staying one more night in the hospital and stuff, and then the casting material, probably the
s-91 It's gonna be about a hundred and fifty-three, total.
s-92 And, the only, then it would be, the only extra would be, in about six to eight weeks, we'd have her come in again, we would tranquilize her, and take the X-rays, and see if it's healed, enough to take off.
s-93 And that's generally about thirty-four to forty, somewhere in there.
s-94 Yeah.
s-95 You know, a pin, you know, if we did a pin, it's probably, it would probably be even a hundred more but, so it's it's that's about the at this point the, the least expensive alternative that probably will work for her.
s-96 Um, so, if you want to let him know and then have him call me back, if you, if you wanna go ahead and do it.
s-97 Okay?
s-98 Lindsey?
s-99 You wanna put this kitty castration down?
s-100 Sure.

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