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AnnotationPeng, Siyao;Zeldes, Amir

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s-1 He's teething.
s-2 You should have heard him, the night we took him to the emergency room.
s-3 He sounded worse.
s-4 I pr- if I know, I would probably've been totally freaked out.
s-5 That's scary.
s-6 Maybe it's good he didn't stay with me.
s-7 I'd have been like Michael.
s-8 Scary.
s-9 Yeah, he he was um
s-10 I'd be like Mom, uh, what should we do with this child.
s-11 Well his temperature was a hundred and four point five.
s-12 That is so high.
s-13 He's lucky that he didn't
s-14 How long was he there?
s-15 That high?
s-16 How long, do you know?
s-17 Uh his fever?
s-18 Yeah.
s-19 I don't know.
s-20 That's dangerou- I mean s-
s-21 Cause he could have, brain damage.
s-22 The doctor said the doctor said that th- um, his pediatrician, cause I asked him about it, and he said that they don't hospitalize until they go up to like a hundred and seven.
s-23 And that's where it's fatal.
s-24 And I was like, well, you know
s-25 What about brain damage?
s-26 That doesn't matter or?
s-27 Mmm.
s-28 Excuse me brain damage is important to me.
s-29 He said actually fevers are
s-30 How did he explain it?
s-31 He said something like, feathers fevers are like, um, good for babies like, when they're i- b- getting sick, because they help the immune system fight harder.
s-32 Somehow.
s-33 I don't know.
s-34 Well that's what the I mean that's what
s-35 The reason the body gets that hot, is like to kill the germs or whatever I think.
s-36 Isn't that part of it?
s-37 Yes Doctor Kevin, tell.
s-38 No I'm pretty I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure that's part of it, but uh it's just that you have to watch out, cause then, if it gets too hot it's bad for the brain.
s-39 It's like a car, it overheats.
s-40 And stalls out.
s-41 Maybe, I don't I I'm not sure.
s-42 Are you gonna stall out Jito?
s-43 Don't stall out on us.
s-44 Who's all the babinos?
s-45 I know the one in the lower right.
s-46 Which one?
s-47 This one is mine.
s-48 I recognize him alr-
s-49 Issac.
s-50 That's the one that's ten days older than
s-51 That's Michael's those are Michael's nephews
s-52 Jose
s-53 That's Jose
s-54 Jose and then
s-55 And then Gino's the one in the middle.
s-56 Gino is in the middle.
s-57 That's his sister.
s-58 Aw he's a bit older.
s-59 Right?
s-60 Yeah he's three.
s-61 He doesn't look that
s-62 He's o- he's three.
s-63 Is he talking any more?
s-64 Is he talking good now?
s-65 You can't understan- he you can but, then you can't , sometimes, some of the things he says.
s-66 Does he talk big long things but you just can't understand em?
s-67 No, he's okay then.
s-68 A gestalt kid.
s-69 He's a gestalt child.
s-70 No there's two different wa-
s-71 Yeah, psychotherapist.
s-72 No no no no no no n- no no n- no.
s-73 It's just two different ways.
s-74 Like, kids can either like, they'll say one word, but they'll say it really, like pretty clear, and that the way they're th- they'll have like twenty words or whatever, and they'll just ask for one thing.
s-75 And then there's other kids who go, na-na-na-na-za-ba-da?
s-76 And there'll be a word in there somewhere?
s-77 And there's a
s-78 Oh!
s-79 Don't freak out.
s-80 Are you okay?
s-81 Cause I tickled his feet.
s-82 It's all my fault.
s-83 Give him a drink.
s-84 It's he drinks too fast.
s-85 It just went down the wrong pipe.
s-86 You need to burp?
s-87 It wasn't that bad.
s-88 Oh, really sorry.
s-89 But um, anyways.
s-90 So it's just a d- like a different style.
s-91 A lot of air.
s-92 I sorry.
s-93 They're allowed to do it either way.
s-94 They're allowed.
s-95 No no no no.
s-96 Which way you gonna do?
s-97 Is he a righ- are you a righty?
s-98 You're a righty.
s-99 It's funny cause, h- he'll be like, he'll get up in the morning, he'll sit in front of the TV with his bottle in one hand, just watching TV, like half asleep, you know, he's a
s-100 I'm like, go-

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