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s-1 How to Wash Overalls in a Washing Machine
s-2 Whether you are a working man or just a little cutie trying to stay cute, those overalls are going to need washing sooner or later.
s-3 The straps on adults’ overalls often get so twisted during the wash that one wishes she had just used an old fashioned washboard instead.
s-4 Your appliances are also murder on the straps, which are almost always the first things to wear out on your overalls.
s-5 This article will show you how to save time and prevent wear, extending the life of your overalls until they are so soft you could wear them to bed.
s-6 Steps
s-7 Wash alone or with 'like' clothing.
s-8 It’s best to wash adults’ overalls alone, especially men’s .
s-9 However, it is okay to wash just a few items with them, like blue jeans.
s-10 What you don’t want to wash with them is anything that can get twisted up with the straps, like women’s long sleeve shirts or kids’ blankets.
s-11 Think similar clothing, minus the twisty-ness.
s-12 Just do the denim and canvas stuff together.
s-13 Fasten the straps to the bib.
s-14 If you didn’t know already, the bib is the top front part with the breast pockets.
s-15 Go ahead and fasten both straps before you wash.
s-16 This will help keep them from twisting up during the wash.
s-17 Use twist ties to keep the straps fastened.
s-18 This step will reapportion years of your life in the long run.
s-19 Don’t skip it.
s-20 Take the 20 seconds to use a couple twist ties on the fasteners to make sure they don’t come loose.
s-21 If your washing machine is worth its salt, it will undo those straps in a heartbeat and tie them in a sheet bend unless you prevent it.
s-22 All it takes is two twist ties and a few seconds of patience.
s-23 Empty the pockets.
s-24 Overalls have more pockets than pants.
s-25 The bib has a wallet pocket and a watch pocket.
s-26 Kids put rocks, candy, and bugs in these.
s-27 Men put cell phones and small tools in them.
s-28 Women defy the laws of purse-space, so when it comes to bib pockets, the sky is the limit.
s-29 Make sure all the pockets are empty.
s-30 Move the strap adjusters around.
s-31 You’ve probably got them just the way you like them, but if you move the adjusters up or down on the straps occasionally, the straps will last longer.
s-32 Depending on the adjusters, you may be able to leave them a little loose too.
s-33 The straps wear out fastest around the adjusters over the course of numerous wash and dry cycles (not to mention being out in the elements if they are work clothes).
s-34 Moving them distributes the wear and tear of washing.
s-35 This is the same idea as rotating tires.
s-36 You know about rotating your tires, don't you?
s-37 Tips
s-38 If you wash your overalls alone or in a light load, use about half the detergent called for and less water.
s-39 Leave the straps fastened and twist-tied to the bib when you throw them in the dryer.
s-40 This will cut down on some of the racket, but you're still going to hear them.
s-41 Warnings
s-42 The paper-type twist ties will deteriorate a little, but the dryer filter screen will catch the fallout.
s-43 Plastic-type twist ties will hold up in the wash, but may or may not melt in your dryer.
s-44 Use with caution.

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