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AnnotationKyle, Kris; Eguchi, Masaki; Miller, Aaron; Sither, Ted

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s-1 And there are a big amusement park
s-2 I have a little audio set .
s-3 Do you have a cheaper one ?
s-4 My name is Charlie .
s-5 so we decided that we should not stay there any more .
s-6 I like to play soccer with children .
s-7 And we 're living in Okinawa .
s-8 I cooked very delicious cook .
s-9 All right .
s-10 And I like him .
s-11 So busy .
s-12 Yeah , , no , no , no , this shoes was insured by the company , but I believed that but this is not good .
s-13 So I said it was n't yuck at that time .
s-14 I 'm so sorry .
s-15 And some his friends and I made a present for him , expensive pen .
s-16 She nawatobi
s-17 I explained about the total stories ?
s-18 I want to buy is very sharp style and blue colors , and it cost me about two thousand yen .
s-19 They only sat down but when I went then teach and doing some activities , they are changing .
s-20 of course , the scenery and the atmosphere is different .
s-21 last week , I went for shopping at the department store in Saitama .
s-22 And then , piano turned just my hobby .
s-23 The same .
s-24 But fortunately , his briefcase , yeah , stays just as it is .
s-25 I think so .
s-26 I think Hokkaido is a kind of suburb .
s-27 I 'm taking test in five minutes so I ca n't go .
s-28 on weekend , I have a rich spare time .
s-29 She 's not teaching mathematics interesting .
s-30 And man wear a yellow jacket and blue tie , and a woman wear pink dress .
s-31 Thank you very much .
s-32 I do n't like to drive in the city .
s-33 Yes , I have my own room .
s-34 But recently , I started snowboard .
s-35 I do n't know .
s-36 but you know ,
s-37 Thank you for your help .
s-38 I live in Gifu .
s-39 And before another train could come , the station master went down to the tracks and got the bag for him .
s-40 what time will you come at the Osaka station ?
s-41 Which one to take ?
s-42 I live there for two years without a car .
s-43 All right ?
s-44 So I thought that some of the American men are like Japanese men , I think .
s-45 So I wanted to see that things .
s-46 I like music very much .
s-47 Could you talk to him and give me a call ?
s-48 So one day last week , my boyfriend was driving a car to go to his office .
s-49 After that , I do my normal work at my desk .
s-50 Yes , I do .
s-51 And we just relax and had a cup of coffee .
s-52 And it makes me feel so good .
s-53 The door is opening .
s-54 I see .
s-55 Thank you very much .
s-56 Just in the building so - called Shibuya Higashiguchi Building .
s-57 because sorry . ...
s-58 would you just tell me why our hotel rooms were not ready at that time ?
s-59 One boy
s-60 you 're welcome
s-61 Yes , all right .
s-62 After all , her own gift was much bigger than her husband 's gift .
s-63 But I do n't like them and when I 'm eating them , that means I 'm killing more animals , you know , to provide because they provide .
s-64 And I can look another two tables .
s-65 Yeah , because , only one my friend .
s-66 because my commute pass expired yesterday .
s-67 And the relationship between teacher and students , I 'd say in a way , has been destroyed .
s-68 Personally I 'll make a phone call to everybody and apologize .
s-69 Favorite professessor ?
s-70 But , you know , I expected a lot about , you know , eating sushi but I could n't .
s-71 So it 's looks like a just a seasonal sale .
s-72 But we are friendly
s-73 But I really did n't know that .
s-74 I like roses and some herbs .
s-75 So , I started with playing golf .
s-76 So I have to go home right now .
s-77 so I decided to take some food to the party
s-78 it 's a very interesting experience for me .
s-79 recently , I go to driving school .
s-80 And when I snowboard , I can try to jump , and like go really fast .
s-81 and and she said ' Bye . '
s-82 My father is work .
s-83 But the beginning of this year , I went to the United States to study English for short for about a month .
s-84 Yeah , for lunch .
s-85 And also , I have to clean the room .
s-86 And her name is Shinjuku .
s-87 one day last week , I went to the station as normal to go to my work .
s-88 He 's a fifth grader in primary school .
s-89 Let 's see .
s-90 and I dropped my bag on the rail .
s-91 But you know , it 's little bit boring .
s-92 I work in honsha .
s-93 And the design was a little bit too hot .
s-94 Basically , I 'm not good at cooking , so potluck party is fine to me .
s-95 I usually surf internet .
s-96 Maybe eleven .
s-97 And there 's a box and , some sound is coming from box .
s-98 Yeah , she has her own room .
s-99 So I asked him to just go down and pick up my bag .
s-100 So that atmosphere makes people very comfortable .

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