Moses is an implementation of the statistical (or data-driven) approach to machine translation (MT). This is the dominant approach in the field at the moment, and is employed by the online translation systems deployed by the likes of Google and Microsoft. Recently, our hybrid system Chimera, with Moses as the central component, performed better than Google Translate when translating from English to Czech.

This interactive demo serves as an illustration of translation capabilities of Moses. Write some text in the lower left box and see it being automatically translated on the fly in the box to the right. Hover your mouse over the text in one of the boxes to see phrase alignment. For non-interactive usage see the REST API Documentation.

The web service is freely available for testing. Explicit written permission of the authors is required for any commercial exploitation of the system. If you use the service, you agree that data obtained by us during such use can be used for further improvements of the systems at UFAL. All comments and reactions are welcome.